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Basics of Digital Marketing

How to start and grow a career in Digital Marketing?

“Digital Marketing” is trending a lot. You might have noticed a lot of Training institutes emerging. I have explained in detail if Digital Marketing Training institutes are a good choice to start and excel in your career in Digital Marketing.

1. Does educational background matter?, BBA, MBA, Journalism students who have good knowledge of computer technology should consider it. I have also noticed many Science students, Engineering students, being inclined towards Digital Marketing.

But there are no hard-set rules to determine who will be a good fit. People with a good understanding of Marketing, Advertising, PR, Social Media and understanding of computer technology will be able to adopt and grow!


Fevicol Ad Snapshot

We see them everywhere! How many of them grab your attention and leave an impression? Ads have been for ages, marketers are upgrading their skills and getting better at showcasing the Brand’s products and services to its consumers through Ads.

Some advertisements are so well created that they leave imprints in your head.  Example- Vodafone zoo-zoo ad, Fevicol ads, and others that you can recall.

Digital marketing is just another medium for Advertisements like your Television, Radio, Hoardings, Newspapers or any other medium of advertising.

Sure, Digtial Marketing has it’s own benefits in Advertisement and hence it is been widely adopted.

2. Customer journey over digital channels.

Customer Journey

2.1. Awareness

It all starts with the necessity, when one discovers that they need a particular product or service to make their life easier. They look for that product online, offline, or take suggestions from their friends.

2.2. Consideration/Interest

When they find a product/service which matches their requirement they would research the authenticity, durability of it through reviews, testimonials on various review sites including YouTube.

2.3. Purchase

Consumers have wide options to choose how they wish to buy the product, that is through Brand Website, Application, E-commerce websites, Affiliate sites or Brick & Mortar stores.


Once the customer is happy about the purchase they would share their opinion on various social channels or review sites.

2.5. Influencer

Which is noticed by the brand’s marketing team and they contact the customer to vouch for their products/services slowly customers turn out to be an influencer in that category or industry. 

3. What is Digital Marketing?

In simple terms, it is the “promotion of products or services, brands or individuals using the electronic form of media”

It is not only about promotion but it involves Market research – Gaining Insights from customer feedback, Online Reputation building- PR, Building Brand loyalty- Creating engaging and valuable content for followers, providing great customer service and hence helping Brands to deliver great user experience and it involves various other divisions to it.

As we can track all the marketing efforts, it’s about tracking the above-given customer journey over digital channels. 

4. Digital Transformation for Brands

For large brands, Digital Marketing can mean a lot more where the entire business across multiple locations is integrated to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Digital Marketing involves analytics, we track customer journeys to analyse the marketing efforts and gain insights about modern customer buying patterns.

Analysing the customers’ conversations to find out feedback and reviews on product and service.

4.1 Benefits of using Digital Marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

4.1.1 Targeting

You can precisely choose you target audience rather than shooting in dark!

4.1.2 Open 24/7!

Ever notices website or App showing open timings?

4.1.3 Measure

Marketers can analyse if there efforts are leading in right direction.

4.1.4 Reach

Ripple effect gets created when your friends share your post and so on.

4.1.5 Gather Insights

Brands constantly look for customer feedbacks and reviews from various portals including theirs.

4.1.6 Cost

Fractional compared to traditional.

4.1.7 Instant Correction

Image a television or newspaper ad with wrong product specifications? If Ad copy on digital has any mistakes, it can be corrected or taken off completly.

4.1.8 Handy Information

Customers can save the digital ad or informative catalogue sent to them via emails or social media, hence they have the information for later use.

4.2. Who will benefit from Digital Marketing (Stakeholders)

  1. Customers- Existing and potential
  2. Brands- Employees
  3. Investors
  4. Partners-technology partners for brands

5. When should Businesses switch to Digital Marketing?

  1. Brand visibility- create or increase awareness about their brand.
  2. Leads/Opportunities- Generate leads for specific products or services.
  3. Promotions- of particular product or service, pre-launch, launch, and post-launch.
  4. Generate Brand loyalist- Build influencers for their products or services and Brand at large.
  5. Customer Experience- Provide customer care via Brand social channels and website/app
  6. Gather Feedback- email feedback forms/website/app has a feedback section where customers can leave feedback on Brand’s products or services.

6. Which area of Digital Marketing do you fit into?

  1. Website development and management.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing and Optimisation. 
  5. Email marketing
  6. Mobile Marketing-
  7. Digital Strategy framework.
  8. Influencer marketing
  9. Affiliate marketing
  10. Reporting
  11. Online Reputation Management

We shall see the sneak peek of what each one does, and the skills required. 

6.1 Website development and management.

It starts with an understanding of why websites are needed by the Businesses and how to choose a perfect domain name.

  • Choosing the domain name and hosting provider 
  • Choosing a Content Management system
  • Creating a sketch of the website navigation ( Wireframes)
  • Creating websites using WordPress themes, plugins 
  • Integrating the Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels or various track codes to websites
  • Implementing SEO techniques within the website
  • Adding SSL, Cloudflare and privacy policy
  • WordPress  and Plugin updates, Importing & taking backups
  • Migrating from your domain name/hosting provider to another one

6.2 Search Engine optimisation

Process of optimising the website to make it search engine and user friendly.

  • Implementing the On-page and off-page techniques 
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor website analysis

6.3 Search Engine Marketing

Marketing your website 

  • Understanding of SEO
  • Excellent at keyword research.
  • Deep understanding of Google AdWords
  • Creation of various types of Ads via AdWords 

6.4 Social media marketing

Advanced understanding of various social channels capabilities, limitations and native reporting.

  • Ads on various channels and industry-wise ROI of each social platform.

6.5 Social media Optimisation 

Organically growing the social channel pages and groups. 

  • Advanced understanding of various social channel’s capabilities, features, and limitations.
  • Selection of social channels based on Business objectives. 

6.6 Email marketing

Considered as personalised way of communicating. 

  • Learn about various Email marketing tools and automation.
  • Create campaigns 
  • Create landing pages and integration.

6.7 Mobile Marketing

Advertising  on Mobile Apps.

  • Mobile SEO
  • Basic app development 
  • Basic understanding Ad delivery on Mobile platform

6.8 Digital Strategy framework

Drafting a Digital Transformation Strategy for Businesses. 

  • Remodeling of existing digital strategies. 

6.9 Influencer marketing

It involves identifying your brand loyalists across digital channels.

Approach them to find out if they will vouch for your products or services. Identifying micro-influencers across industry and approaching them to endorse your products or services.

Example: Food blogger, Travel Photographer who can endorse a restaurant or a Hotel

6.10 Affiliate Marketing

Promoting a product or service for a small commission on your website or any digital property.

  • Creating authority in the industry to become an Affiliate Marketer. 
  • Getting familiar with various affiliates in the industry- Commission Junction, Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliates, etc

6.11 Reporting

How would you feel when you never get results for the exam you appeared after preparing day and night! 

All your digital marketing efforts would go to waste if you do not measure the outcome.

Why did your brand execute Digital Marketing?

  • Understanding of various metrics like CPC, CPL, ROI, ROAS
  • Each Digital platform has different metrics and KPI, hence understanding those. 
  • Understand various reporting tools- Google Data Studio, native reporting, Sprinklr, Hootsuite and Buffer.

6.12 Online Reputation Management

Brand social page has a reviews section and hence it is crucial to look into that section for negative feedback, spam, irrelevant content, and link sharing, to maintain brand hygiene.

  • Understanding of various review sites including Google My Business, Yelp, FourSquare, local directories, etc. 
  • Maintaining Brand tonality and hygiene.


I have tried to provide  you with a sneak peek of various sections of Digital Marketing, remember it might be vast and difficult but depends on how much you are willing to learn to earn!

Digital Marketing institues will be of hardly any help to you, this is like learning to drive, unless you practise you will not learn it. I would suggest the amount of money you plan on spend on Institute, spend half of that on buying domain name, hosting and spends on AdWords and Social channels, you would already have much more knowledge than what institues teach.

Like everywhere else, automation is taking over the routine tasks in Marketing and hence you need to keep yourself updated about the various must-know tools in the Digital Marketing Industry and upskill yourself with AI, Marketing Automation and Integration.

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